La Petite Maison

Last Christmas, my little girl asked for a dollhouse. Ideally, I would have loved to design and build it. But thinking that I would save my time-not to mention sanity, I purchased a vintage colonial kit off Ebay.  It arrived in 1000 10,000 pieces, just days before xmas {so not kidding}. We panicked with the impending deadline and hoped we could deliver. Luckily, we have the most supportive and talented group of friends {heart you all!}. Together we assembled, glued, and painted just in time for xmas, managing to have a standing structure minus the interior finishes. The husband and I conjured up a story that we would later hear her repeat to one of our secret Elves.  She boasted to our helper friend, “Santa was running late and he didn’t get to finish.  Momma is going to finish the dollhouse for me!”

Now the fun begins: creating the interior spaces. The renovation has begun!  I managed to sneak in some work in between the new baby napping and was able to install some lovely walnut parquet flooring.  It was a bit tedious because the wood kept warping but well worth the trouble, don’t you think?  My favorite thing about this tiny space is the Victorian fireplace mantle. It found a home at La Petite Maison when it was discovered in a dusty antique store.  The couch and grandfather clock were both handmade by me as well.  I am quite fond of the traditional chippendale sofa with the modern choice of fabric and white painted frame.  There is still ton to be done, selecting a coffee table, artwork, accessories, etc.  This is definitely a work in progress.  Stay tuned!

Petite Blythe shown for scale.


3 thoughts on “La Petite Maison

  1. Hi, I came across your blog from the I am a giant post you linked to. I LOVE your wood floors! Did you just buy the pre-made sheets or are you making it yourself? I want to add wood floors to my daughter’s dollhouse, but was wondering if anyone else has used anything other than the expensive pre-made kind or the sticker ones. Maybe cutting up a sheet of wood veneer?

    • Hi Rachel! I used laser cut real wood veneer miniature parquet. It is expensive and pretty difficult to glue down straight because it comes in small sections, not a full sheet. I couldn’t imagine actually scoring by hand! that would be amazing if someone could craft it that well! Not to mention the amount of time would be astonishing. You can get the kind that I used on amazon by Dollhouse Flooring. If I remember correctly, it cost $50 for just the living room, ouch! Beauty hurts, doesn’t it!? But they are so lovely and I would highly recommend. I look forward to seeing progress on your dollhouse 🙂

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