Confessions Tuesday

I rent.  This may not be such a big ‘confession’ to lots of people, but let me explain.  I feel like a chef without her kitchen; a queen without her castle; a fat kid with an empty belly! I could go on and on.  Ok, I am being a bit melodramatic.  But with renting, there is only cosmetic changes that one can make to a dwelling.  I imagine walls being knocked down, a total kitchen redo, a dirty full blown renovation is what I want!   But alas, I do what I can.  I decorate as much as I can and it calms the hunger for now.  One day…one day…

That is why I have serious envy for designer Sarah Richardson.  I love her job and her life!  If you haven’t heard of her, the canadian designer has 3 shows on HGTV: Sarah’s House, Sarah’s House II, and Sarah’s Summer Cottage.  She takes on a renovation for each of the shows but the genius part is that the fixer-uppers belong to her.  How awesome to get paid for something that is so personal and a dream.  Sarah, watch out,  I may have just given you the evil eye.  Here is some of her work:

Yellow is actually one of my least favorite colors.  But she really makes it look lovely.

I believe the curtains are from Ikea. Well done! Could have fooled me into thinking that they were expensive.

Love, love her!  Did I convince you too?

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