La Petite Chaise

Are you familiar with the ‘Wiggle Chair?’ In case you are not, the chair was designed by famous architect, Frank Ghery, who in my opinion is a much better furniture designer or sculptor than architect. But that is another subject. Here is the chair below:

While finishing up La Petite Maison, my mind raced with how I would furnish. Little furniture danced around in my head. The first thing that came to mind was the Wiggle Chair. Perhaps because I have a chair fetish. Furniture, I adore. Period. But there is something so incredibly sudductive about the lines of  a chair.

I digress.

Once finished with the dollhouse, I began production on the miniature chair. Using the specs on the manufacturer’s website, I made a scaled template. Then using white museum board I hand-made 72 scaled slices {yes, I am totally crazy} and glued them together. I painted afterwards with a cardboard colored paint.

Though not perfectly crafted, I am pleased with my handmade version of the chair.  Now to to find a mate in the form of a table…suggestions, anyone?

Petite Blythe shown for scale.

{Blurry pictures by Me}

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