About once a week, I browse real estate listings. It has become a hobby of sorts.  Maybe it’s dreaming of the day when we purchase our first home. But, I think even after that initial purchase, I will continue looking. It’s the allure of the architecture, I suppose.

This week I found this little gem. It is Victorian in era, built-in the late 1800’s, and boy do I love thee.

Absolutely gorgeous! That is until, I got to the living room picture below. Um, did they forget to decorate?  Lovely bones, but in its current state, it leaves lots to the imagination.  So, I decided to e-decorate.

Here is my version below, starting with the finishes.  Ordinarily, I think white can be stark unless the room has great architectural features.  I would go even further and add more paneling and antique cornices to play up the character of the house.  Though the oak colored floors were nice before, I wanted more contrast.  Contrast usually makes a space feel smaller, but the 12′ ceilings could handle it. The ebony colored floors add richness to the space.  I also wanted the eye to be drawn up to the tall ceilings,  so I chose a Farrow & Ball Grey Skies blue to highlight.

For the decorating, I went eclectic.  The Mah Jong modular couch is a modern choice that I feel adds a lot of interest.  This version of the Mah Jong was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and has an overly decorative feel that the Victorian Era evokes.  {How would one sit in such a low couch, you ask.  Forget about that, this is a fantasy. } The chandelier though modern, has traditional lines.  Moodiness exerts from the dark color and the bulbous, feminine lines. Simple, long white sheers would, ever so slightly,  provide privacy without covering up the beauty of the windows.  And last, the artwork brings in fuchsia, peach, and several layers of blue.

A bit on the girly side. Yes, it is.  I am not sure if the hubs or baby boy would approve. But a girl can dream , can’t she?

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