Pretty in Pink

Being the girly-girl that I am, I was ecstatic to discover that I was pregnant with a little girl. Lucky for me, she ended up being as girly as her momma. The day she turned five, she stood in a pink pettiskirt, and sweetly asked for a pink fancy room just like her alter-ego, Fancy Nancy. Of course, I said yes. Then while searching for inspiration, I stumbled onto this image:

 Don’t you just love it!?

I really gravitated towards the black and pink color palette because pink is definitely tres fancy and black because we owned a black, antique, cast-iron bed. The bed originally belonged to my daughter’s great-grandmother. Heirlooms, I feel, really give historical presence and add so much character to a space. And at the risk of sounding 60, they just don’t make things the way they used to.

The wall color selected is a pale pink. So light in hue that it is actually white, with a tint of pink. I wanted sweet not saccharine.  The accent colors used are a careful balance of black and white. Too much white and the room could appear shabby chic. On the flip side, too much black would be overpowering for a young girl’s room. Here is the finished room.

The vintage 1950’s school desk is made out of hard steel and really stands up to the abuse of a five year old. The metal  was a grey when I first purchased this off CL.  I like the subtle two-tone paint job done by me. This piece is certainly going to be handed down to her growing baby brother. Perhaps then I will paint it red. But that is an upcoming chapter.

The infamous dollhouse on top of an Offi Scando table.

Rain-gutter shelves is such a practical, low-cost solution to decluttering books.  Framed watercolor painting made by me.

I love looking at the inspiration picture and seeing how the room developed.  Sometimes when designing, things take a life of their own.  Is it Fancy enough? I asked the client, who squealed yes.  So I would say that is success.


2 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. You’re sense of style is fabu! I love, love, love the pale pink and black theme. I had an old school desk that the previous owner left in my house and I sponge-painted the metal blue and purple – it was quite funky. I sanded the wood down until it was nice and smooth. Christmas eve, at about 2 a.m., after all out party guests left, and we put Joey down to sleep, my husband and I snuck it into the house and put it under the tree with a big ole bow on it! Joey was super-excited when he saw it and loved that he had a secret hidey place for his things. And the little groove where his pencil could sit nearly sent him into a swoon! So I love seeing you use that desk. Also, Olivia’s my favorite pig. (Are they ACTUAL gutters?)

  2. Yes, they are actual gutters. i think the idea originally came from daycares. it is a really practical-low cost solution to book organization for little ones. before we had these my then toddler would take out ALL her books looking for her favorite one. the forward facing solution really saved my sanity 🙂

    What a cute story! I plan on passing this down to her little brother. Boys are so cute!

    And thanks for the super sweet comment, Leila!

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