Row Row Row Your Boat

I took maternity leave a week before my baby boy was due to finish preparing for his arrival. I was in a creative flurry, fully taking advantage of the few days off before my little bundle arrived. One of these last-minute projects was a baby mobile. I wanted something simple with a bit of whimsy. Tiny boats came to mind. And then I ran across this lovely blog.  The origami boat was exactly what I was going to make!  So quickly, I gathered materials.

The first step was to buy a 24″x36″ sheet of map paper and cut down 8″x11″ sheets. Following the origami tutorial, I created five little boats and five little flags. With acrylic paint, I transformed chopsticks from birch to white.  The sails were simple triangles cut from red, green, and blue mechoShade samples.  Assembling the little boat with hot glue was really easy and took no time at all.

Close-up of finished boat

Making the other piece of this puzzle was a bit trickier.  I took the freshly painted embroidery hoop and measured the diameter, dividing by five.  Then I marked (inside of the hoop) where the eye hook would go.  The eye hooks were so tiny that it was hard to hold on to them in order to screw them in.  But with persistence, I finally did.

And onto the next step.  I cut five pieces of fishing line at varying heights.  Then, I inserted the fishing line to pre-drilled holes at the top of the chopstick.  The boats were now ready to be tied to the eye hooks.

Now to hang it.  I cut five more pieces of fishing line.  This time, all at the same length and attached these to the eye hooks. Holding the strings together, I made a loop and then knotted, making sure to secure it.  This, I mounted to a hook in the ceiling, placed directly over baby’s crib.

A pleasant surprise came when I turned on the fan for the first time.  The boats sway! Just like real boats  dancing in the wind. See for yourself with this little video that includes a cute lulluby, appropriately titled Row Row Row Your Boat. And just in case this video doesn’t show click here.

This turned out to be a sneak peek to my son’s nursery.  Stay tuned for more pictures coming soon!


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