Mad Architects

A professor once told me that crazy people and architects look up to the sky while walking.  Case in point.  Antonio Gaudi died while standing in the middle of a busy street, looking up to the Sagrada Familia.  If you read my bio, you know that I have a background in Architecture.  My education made me who I am today.  It peeled my eyes wide open, changing my perspective forever. I feel a bond with other crazy people who chose this walk of life.

So when I first saw the work of jewelry designer Molly from  Molly M Designs, I was very drawn to it. Her work looked like tiny laser-cut studies of the skin of a very hip building. See for yourself.

After researching her, I was happy to discover that this was not a coincidence. Molly was in architecture school, but became a jewelry designer when she realized that the models she was making could be much more. And the rest is history. Molly is a perfect example of how you can apply the principles of design to other creative endeavors. Way to go! Really inspirational work, don’t you agree?


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