Silly Chairs

I was not feeling well today. I stayed home feeling feverish and yucky. I thought I’d cheer myself up with this post.

On my first trip to NYC in 2001, I went to a PS1 art show. PS1 is more avant-garde than the MOMA. There was one particular installation that I remember. It was titled, Three Ghosts and a Jacuzzi. Three ghosts would inflate with air and rotate on a circular mechanical contraption, in the center of the jacuzzi. Somewhere in the room, a CD player was playing a recording that wailed, “Boooo Boooo Boooo!” It was hilarious. How on earth does an artist think to make something so ridiculously humorous. I thought it was brilliant. As an artist, you would think, that you create to cause a reaction. And this installation certainly made me laugh.

Back to my point.  I found this 6- legged chair a while back while searching for a coffee table.  The chair is supposed to be a modern rocking chair.  But really!?  I think it is super silly, and is making feel a tiny bit better.

This sexy-legged chair I found just today.  It completely embodies my feelings about my sick fetish for chairs.  Quite literally.

Pret-ty hilarious, don’t you think?


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