Case Study: Feminine vs. Masculine

Lonny just released their July/Aug issue yesterday. I swear, it’s a little like Christmas for me when each issue gets released.  With absolute glee, I carefully flip through each spread.  These are my favorite images below.  Oddly enough, it became a case study of feminine vs. masculine design.

The first image is an obvious choice.  It’s oh-so saccharine and ultra girly.  The room reminds me of the awful but beautiful movie, Marie Antoinette.  It  is a perfect mixture of Rococo and shabby chic.  What I love most is the absolute boldness and total unconcern of ‘good’ taste.  And I quite enjoy imagining myself as an eight-year-old girl, with a mop of curly hair, lounging on the candy colored settee.

On the other spectrum, is this very sultry, masculine space. Here, I adore the dark moody walls juxtaposed with the warm wood tones.  I imagine that this would be my living room if I were a man.  I also imagine that I would be a well-traveled and mysterious man who rather enjoyed fine cigars. The testosterone filled atmosphere, I believe, is what I fancy most here.

Yes, I admit that I do have a bit of an imagination.

But tell me, are you a fan of Lonny?  I’d love to know, which are your favorite spreads?


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