Confessions Wednesday

As a little girl, you would most likely find me laying on my living room floor, belly down, working out a puzzle.  It was my favorite childhood activity.  I loved the challenge of figuring it all out and the gratification of a job well done.  This trait has carried on into my adulthood. When friends have come to me, asking for advice, it has been my absolute pleasure to help them create beautiful spaces.  For me, it is always an adventure.  And from writing this blog, I realize that it is my biggest passion.  But sadly, I am running out of friends.  So I am extending my consulting services to you, my readers.  Do you have a design dilemma and would appreciate the opinion of someone who loves design?   Don’t be shy, send it in to  I have my pretty pink suitcase all packed, ready to go on my next decorating adventure!


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