Design Star

For weeks I have anticipated the new season of Design Star.  Last night I officially watched the first episode.  It did not disappoint.  This time around, they have added David Bromstad who adds some light-heartedness to the sometimes, too serious Vern. And thankfully, sweet as a button, Genevieve is a returning judge. I love  watching the frenzied designers hurry to complete their design challenge right to-the-very-last-minute.  And then the final walk-through with the sometimes harsh, but insightful critiques from the seasoned HGTV designers.  This week, Kellie and Karl’s bonus room won the challenge.  My verdict…I agree!  They had the most succesful room by far and both are some of the more like-able characters this season.  Here is the winning room:

It’s perhaps too early to pick a favorite or likely person to win. But I have narrowed down the group to a few based on their portfolios.

First up, is Kellie Clements. She describes her aesthetic as “warm contemporary” that includes a lot of color and whimsy. Personally I love whimsy.

Here is some of her work.



I love the clever use of inexpensive 1’x1′ tile. She alternated the white and black to create an interesting and graphic floor pattern.

And I will say that I am slightly partial to her at this point because, hello!? Did you see how cute and tiny she is!?

Next up is Mark Diaz.  This super talented designer describes his style as edgy modern with a love for mid century modern, asian-minimalist, and post-industrial.

And seriously, his portfolio impresses the pants off me! Here is some of my favorite images of his previous work:

I really enjoy male designers who can balance a masculine room with  feminine touches.

I love how eclectic this space is.

And last, is Meg Caswell.  She describes her design style as a preppy mix of modern and traditional with an affection for pastels and the “Palm Beach Chic” look.  Interesting, tell me more. Here she is along with some of her work.

I like her range and use of patterned textiles.  It seems like she can pull together several different looks.

So what did you think about the new show?  Who are your faves?


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