Not All Those who Wander are Lost

Usually, I love to post about all things sugar and spice but I am a complex human being. And if I were Sybil, this post would be proof that a geeky boy lives inside me. Let me explain, I am a hardcore fan of Zombie movies. And perhaps this post should have been titled a confession because I am about to drop one on you. Not only am I a fan of anything Zombie, but I am also a firm believer that one day, we will awaken to a world where the once living walk. I promise, I am dead serious, not joking one bit.

When I was nine years old I snuck one of my older brother’s VHS. It was the 1960’s black and white version of Night of the Living Dead. I watched in terror over and over, convinced that it was foretelling of what would come.

Fast forward 20 years to today and you can see why I more than love this immaculately designed house.  This very impressive modern specimen, dubbed “Safe House” was designed by KWK Promes.

Beautifully expressed relationship of interior and exterior!
And then, the beginning of dusk…

No worries over losing your brains.  The movable partitions and iron clad gate keep harm at bay.

Totally safe.

Open position.

“Honey, I am home!”


Exterior gate open.

Exterior of concrete fortress closed.


You may be wondering why I chose to deviate from my usual pattern of design content.  There is a new Zombie flick coming your way.  I couldn’t help it, I got excited and had to share.

So remember next time you find yourself, alone on a desolate street and see a group of wandering individuals, not all those who wander are lost…they may be dead.

{If the video doesn’t play, which annoyingly happens a lot, click here.}

3 thoughts on “Not All Those who Wander are Lost

  1. Hugely fun! Whichever of us dies first will have to come and ‘visit’ the other. Though I see you’ve already planned how to keep me out. Unfair advantage! Actually, a very cool house. Perfect for part-timers who want to leave a property secure, people living in Tornado Alley or hurricane country, and, after the apocalypse, zombie avoiders. And yet still a great piece of architecture and interior design. The total package. Now, just hand over the brains and I’ll leave quietly.

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