Reader Q+A

It’s reader Q+A time!

Erika D. asks,

“I own a late 1920’s house and was wanting to replace all the ugly fans with lighting fixtures. Should they all be the same color? And what type of fixtures do you suggest for this type of old house?”

The 1920’s cottage that you own is lovely and I would use the lighting fixtures to play up the charm.  I don’t necessarily think that all the fixtures should be all the same.  It depends on what mood you are trying to create in the space and how the light needs to function.  Are you trying to see your food or trying to create a mood?   I suggest to play with the numbers of the fixtures in order to create different lighting effects such as one over the entry, two over the kitchen counter, three over a long table, etc.   As far as the type of fixture, what I would recommend is a classic schoolhouse fixture.  You can go a bit industrial in a polished steel like the image below.


Or have fun with some color.

Or go with some milkglass schoolhouse fixtures which are also true to the era of your house.

I think either of these choices would be classic.  And I believe you can never go wrong with timeless.  Hope that helped Erika!  And send me a picture with whatever you decided.

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One thought on “Reader Q+A

  1. Thanks for the input! I love them all, but am really digging the red one and the milkglass schoolhouse fixtures. I think three over our long dining table may be the way to go! I can’t wait to start and will be sending photos when the rooms are completed.

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