My Heroes the Novogratz

My first encounter with the awesome designing duo, the Novogratz, was on last year’s 9 by Design. But it ended so abruptly and I wanted more. So I was completely delighted to see their faces once again on HGTV’s new show Home by Novogratz. This wife and husband duo is like the decorating version of Charles and Ray Eames.  The Novogratz are a powerhouse team.  They are bold. They are brave. And they are innovative. Period.

I admire that this designing couple breaks rules. You see, I tend to be afraid of saturated colors and over-the-top pieces when designing. I always have a desire to cross over the fine line between refined and just plain fun. But more than often I stay on the sophisticated, otherwise known as safe side. I can be a total woos at times. But this pair is inspiring me to stop being uptight and have fun. Decorating should be fun, right? See for yourself.

The Brave.

The Bold.

& the Beautiful.

While I don’t think that I would ever spec this saturated hue of yellow, I think this works for a summer vacation home. It feels like a uber cool, hip, & memorable boutique hotel. It’s commendable that one would be so bold.  And who doesn’t love to feel like they are in a different place on vacation!?

So kudos Bob & Courtney! Keep up the inspiring work!


3 thoughts on “My Heroes the Novogratz

  1. While I do like their work and appreciate the liveliness it is not appropriate all of the time. Can they tone it down for the clients that want to head that direction but are scared to corss the line?! That would be a challenge!

  2. Very true Shelby. But I think what this just-starting-out designer also admires is that the novogratz have mastered the art of persuasion. I find that a very important skill which I have yet to master.

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