Eerie Thought

A strange dream awoke me in the middle of the night.  I was a southern belle  living in past times.  Perhaps it was in the Antebellum period  because my home was a grand Plantation Estate. While strolling down the manor’s majestic wide porches, I wore a fitted lacy gown with a bustle and train.  Gently, I caressed the giant Doric pillars with my fingertips, looking beyond to the field of mature oak trees.  And then, my dress fluttered in the wind as I plunged, from the balcony, to my death.

I awoke, panting and breathing heavily.  It had been a nightmare.  This would continue to disturb me much of the morning and as the day progressed, I had an eerie thought. Though this simply was a dream, I will pass one day.  And as much I frequent estate sales, flea markets, etc.  the thought never crossed my mind.  I own the prized possessions of people who once lived.  Perhaps I own the pink jewelry  container that once housed a Depression Era woman’s wedding ring.  Maybe I own the childhood bed of a little boy who grew up the 40’s.  In fact, I know that I own a small vanity who once belonged to a great lady!

And then my mind continues to race.  What will happen to my belongings when I pass?  How about my beloved handmade crib which I spent months making?  What about  la petite maison!?   What will happen to the countless treasures that I have meticulously  selected for my home?  I imagine the inevitable destiny of my possessions.  A clear as day vision of my treasures discarded on a curb.  That horrifies me!

But then slowly, the fear subsides and a smile spreads over my face.  They are just things, right?  We can’t take them with us once we are gone.  All I can hope for is that someone will appreciate these lovely things and care for them in future generations.

But a warning to those who do not.  I will come back and haunt you, so beware.


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