Persistence of Memory

So I realized today that I have not posted a personal project all week. This was one of my goals when I first started this blog. But don’t think that I have been slacking. I am working on several projects. First, trying to build an inventory with my Etsy store. But also working on some designs with clients. So exciting! Pictures coming soon!

Yes, I have been very busy but I took some time off today to do some personal browsing. I had been searching for a coffee table for la petite maison but I had not found one that spoke to me. Then I stumbled onto this one.

As soon as I laid eyes on this table, a picture came to mind.  This image is one of the many forever engraved in my brain from the long gone Domino.  If you have never heard of Domino, you really missed out.  The magazine single-handedly started my insane obsession to interior design.  It was great.  Emily Henderson-who is my girl crush, by the way-got her start at Domino.  And even superstar Mary McDonald was a designer for the late mag.  But as many others did, the magazine folded in the midst of the recession.  And boy did I mourn.  That is until the resurgence of shelter mags.  Online ones, that is.

You know, call me old, but I really miss being able to hold a real glossy spread and finger through the freshly pressed pages.  Online magazines don’t fully do it for me. Maybe it’s simply put, the persistence of memory. Which brings me back to my point. The Domino image that came to mind was this one:

When I fist saw this spread, the table struck me because it was such a different piece. Long ago I found a coffee table with this same shape on craigslist. I pondered for too long and someone else beat me to it. On CL it is not wise to snooze. But it must be fate, because now it could be mine in the form of a miniature. Freshly painted white, it could be just what la petite maison needs. Wish me luck on my auction!

And have a good weekend!

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