I am not Wonderwoman


I am not Wonderwoman. Though I like to pretend I am. Sometimes I take on too much and can be overzealous.  I suppose it’s part of my nature.

Let me explain, I am supposed to be studying for the NCIDQ Exam.  This licensure is what I need in order to call myself  an interior designer.  But because I have found that I really enjoy writing this blog and studying not so much, I am risking not passing my test.  And passing is very important to me.  So I have come to the decision that I will only post thoughtful and wordy posts, three times a week.  Twice a week I will repost something that I think is worth reposting minus any of my usual written critique.  It will be hard because I love to share my thoughts and opinions.  But it is for a better cause.  And if you catch an occasional typo after a night of late studying, do not think I am becoming tired of blogging.  On the contrary, it is a great joy to write this blog and I have only just begun.  Regular blogging will presume October 2nd, just in time for Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday.

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “I am not Wonderwoman

  1. Study, study, you’ll do great ! Funny you posted this pic of wonderwoman, we decided on Halloween costumes last night: Superman for K, and Superprincess for L 🙂

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