Home by Novogratz Recap

This past weekend, The Novogratz worked with a young couple who owned a modern penthouse. Picture a 20’ tall living/dining combo with plenty of natural light filtering though the wall to wall glass.  The architecture looked very Richard Meier-esque. In other words, it was a white shell and was dying for color. Adding to the stark feel was the owners’ very neutral, sparse furniture .  Courtney and Rob to the rescue!

The Novogratz went to town on selecting colorful pieces to bring life to the space. Starting with a graphic rug from ABC Home that added instant interest.  They layered a muted blue sofa with different hues of blue fabric pillows and two great royal blue chairs.  An oval tulip Saarinen replaced the former not so stylish dining table.  Four light-blue vintage chairs paired with two armchairs completed the dining area.

The designing couple also created a major statement with metallics that not only reflected the skyscrapers but also represented the industrial nature of the city.  This element was really unexpected for me and I was totally into it.  My favorite metallic piece being the cascading gold mod light fixture that filled the void of the architecture.  The intention here was for the hovering light to be enjoyed from different points in the space.  Brilliant.

Do you see how big of a different a properly proportioned rug does to a space? It really is like night and day.

The finished product is full of life and whimsy.  Pretty successful use of color, if you ask me.

So what did you think of this episode? Were you impressed too!?


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