Styling by LA VITApetite

Have I told you how much I love Emily Henderson? She is my imaginary twin sister. Not that we resemble each other physically but I simply adore her style and think that it is quite similar to my own. This super talented lady began her career as a stylist.

Which brings me to my point. Styling is an art that I have yet to conquer. It’s not that I lack the talent. I just have not had much practice. With my young kids, it’s almost impossible to style. Decorative objects can be breakable and be unsafe for the little ones.  So I have held off on finishing any room in my house with beautiful delicate objects.

But today I was inspired thanks to my husband who surprised me with a bouquet of white tulips.  I decided to play with my coffee table in order to present the tulips in a respectable manner.

Doesn’t this chubby dog look very Jonathan Adler?  I find the proportions humorous.

So for this millisecond, I can enjoy my lovely coffee table adorned with a few treasured things. And I stress millisecond because as I type, the kids are destroying my composition.


Oh well, one day.


3 thoughts on “Styling by LA VITApetite

  1. I just had to comment (I’m starting to feel like I am stalking you). This brings to mind a conversation I overheard years ago between my daughter and her friend one day during a play date. I believe they were both about four years old. Context: My mother-in-law had recently sold her home of fifty years and as tends to happen, excessive quantities of antique furniture and knick knacks found their way into our home. I had a great deal of anxiety over this, of course, I pictured the kids destroying everything and the censure and disappointment of my mother-in-law (who was very dear to me). Instead, this is what happened. Josephine said to Madelaine, “What’s that?” (I don’t know what she was asking about, I could overhear them, but not see them). Madelaine replied, “I don’t know, but don’t touch it. It’s delicate.” That’s when I knew I was home free!

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