Hopeless Romantic

My little girl  is really stretching out.  I am convinced that little people come out from the walls at night and pull her legs and arms, making her a tad longer every morning.  {Totally convinced.}  Her interests are also growing and she loves to imitate mommy.  As I peek around the corner, I find her sitting at my vanity with the mirror flipped up, combing her bouncy curls.  It’s adorable to watch and I know what I must do.

The dressing table will soon be moving from my room to hers. But now, I find myself longing for a new girly space.

Lo and behold, the design gods sent me this lovely feminine vignette.

 I am in love.


Yes, I know that I am a hopeless romantic.  But can you blame me!?

Have a good weekend!

One thought on “Hopeless Romantic

  1. I’m not sure where the term hopeless romantic came from, but I think there is always hope. Like my Mom always said…”where there is a will there is a way”!

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