Design Star: The Wedding Edition

The top {three} things that I loved on episode 6 of Design Star:

{1} Dina Manzo for her sassyness.

{2} Vern’s pink attire. Doesn’t he look too stern to be wearing this?

{3} Kellie and Meg’s dramatic chandelier bursting with color.

I bet people who attended the wedding will remember the moment when they entered the space and laid eyes on the ‘crystal jewel’ anchoring the strips of cascading fabric.

It reminds me of what I did at my own wedding. My wedding crew inflated tons of balloons and filled the entire entry hall to my wedding venue.  As people walked up the stairs into the hall, they were surprised by a pink and white cloud of balloons.  It is the one thing that people still comment on.

And truthfully, if I could get married again, I would.  I would marry 1000 times over if I could plan and decorate a different wedding each time.

So what were your highlights of last nights episode?

And if you are curious and want to see more of  my wedding pictures, click here.


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