House of Hackney

I luuurve stuffy ol’ English patterns, like the ones found on tiny teacups.  It’s an aesthetic that was highly decorative and long gone.  Or so, I thought.  Well, I jumped for joy when I got lost browsing today and stumbled upon the House of Hackney.

It is the antithesis of minimalism.  It’s total maximalism and I welcome it.

Believe me, I could not have said it better.

Check out this great post, courtesy of this lovely blog.

Thoughts anyone?


2 thoughts on “House of Hackney

  1. I too love the patterns, but not so much of them! Plus, the model they use looks like she may possibly be dead! Has anyone checked her pulse lately?!

  2. Last spring I went on a historic home tour and visited a Victorian house circa1880. When we stepped into the “Master” our tour group gasped. The room was dressed in head to toe blue toile. The wallpaper, the drapes, linens, chairs…all covered in the busy toile. Some, I swear, were horrified. I loved it though. I thought it would be the perfect way to do a guest room. That way guests would remember the decor and maybe not want to stay so, so long 🙂

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