Words to Live By


Once upon a time, I tried to live by the philosophy called minimalism.  But as the kids take over the house with their toys and other prized possessions, it truly is an uphill battle. One that I think is not worth fighting.  I now choose to embrace a little clutter few collections of lovely things.  And my busy patterned couch hides my kids’ stains very well.  Maybe I am not fully rejecting the idea just yet.   But for now, we are happily adopting a lifestyle of ‘organized chaos.’

So tell me, what is your design philosophy?  I would really love to know!


2 thoughts on “Words to Live By

  1. I hear ya! I do attempt to integrate a few “non kid-friendly” pieces in our decor. I only have one, and she’s a girl, so perhaps not quite as crazy as boys can be. But still spills. I sometimes feel bad that I still make her drink out of sippy cups at 2-1/2, but hey, my beni ourain rug is vintage and I can’t have milk stains on it! Right???

  2. i totally understand. I have a marble top Paul McCobb coffee table, so not kid-friendly. I will have to temporarily cover it with something cushiony while my little one learns to walk. It will be nerve-wracking I am sure!

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