The Novogratz: Triplets Edition

I have kids rooms dancing in my head lately.  So I was happy to see the Novogratz, my favorite husband and wife duo, design a room for pre-school aged children.  Here is what they came up with below.

I love the harmony between the symmetry of the industrial stools and the asymmetry created by the hanging, bungee lights.  The pendants remind me of music notes running along the sepia-toned wallpaper.

I wonder if there is additional storage in the custom bunk beds.  There should be since I don’t see a closet in the teeny-tiny space.

The decal dots in the background was this weeks budget friendly decor tip.  I think it works because it’s easily interchangeable.  Unlike the wallpaper, that may be dated once these kids continue to grow like weeds.

All in all, the Novogratz did not disappoint with their usual fun play of color. I did rather prefer the jewel tone colors as opposed to their normally in your face saturated colors. But I do question the lack of storage in a room shared by three. I wonder what the room actually looked like, once the kids moved in.

What do you think? Can you imagine the sure to follow mess?

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