[Guest Post] Slow Living

Hello, everybody! You all might be aware but if not, here’s an update.  The torch is temporarily being handed down to me as a guest blogger.  I must have misread the memo because initially thought I was only covering for three days.  From reading Dulce’s Thursday announcement, it appears I will be doing this for three weeks! Yikes.  I really need to pay attention when I’m spoken to.

Anyhoo, I know you’re all a bit use to ice cream and cake for dinner but I’m a man and as a man, I’d like to share some of my interests.  I hope I don’t get struck for being politically incorrect.  I jest.

Without further adieu…steak and potatoes.

The first time I laid eyes on this residence, I melted.  I know–not exactly a masculine kind of thing to say, but it’s true.

When I am old and retired, this is where you can find me.



4 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Slow Living

  1. You will need a stairlift added to the staircase then…or perhaps you can turn a whole room into an elevator a la Koolhas 🙂

    I love those deco motif floors. i am considering some similar painted tiles for la petite maison, but they are freaking $7 a square Inch! yes and inch! Beauty hurts, I suppose.

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