[Guest Post] Light & Space

I thought I’d deviate from the norm of the way design is usually presented in blogs. Today, I want to present space as a medium for art rather than the conventional functioning space. Although art and design are separate entities, it is incomprehensible to think that space as a medium for art is not design. Enter…

James Turrell is an artist from Pasadena, California who uses light as a medium for creating art. Unlike Dan Flavin, Turrell also utilizes natural light as as a medium by designing spaces that pronounce natural sky light. The Roden Crater located in Arizona is an actual crater acquired by James Turrell and is a prime example of his space and natural light conceptions. Turrell is also known for the manipulation of light creating illusions of matter that are nonexistent such as corners that appear to be three dimensional.

Be one with the universe, my child.


4 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Light & Space

  1. Wonderful! It’s incredible how light can transform and although I am not one for spirituality, many people have expressed a sense of oneness, something of a meditative state, or something almost holy when they have a chance to experience his work in real life.

  2. Light and space are the fundamentals of good architecture. Great architects, such as Luis Barragan have mastered the art of creating the illusion that you speak of. In his home, located in mexico city, a small space is completely hidden and tricks your eye with the geometry of his space planning. Hopefully I will get to show you for my upcoming 30th. Great post!

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