[Guest Post] My Wish List

True, I love minimalism but the Platner Collection just does things to my chemistry that I can’t even begin to express.
Perhaps it’s my secret love for Hollywood Regency and the glam that ensues.  Or perhaps I like the feel of cold steel against my skin.  Dunno.  I do know that that is one sexy piece of furniture.

“I felt there was room for the kind of decorative, gentle, graceful design that appeared in a period style like Louis XV”.
-Warren Platner

Somebody loan me $17,200 so that I can have the dining room set.  Please.


3 thoughts on “[Guest Post] My Wish List

  1. I love metal chairs for their strong sense of void. These particular chairs have such high reflectivity that i don’t see how you can describe them as anything but sexy. I would love these as extra seating in my living room. As far as dining, I don’t think that I would pair with them with a matching Platner table. I think the visual weight would demand a 16’+ grand space that would very likely be in excess of millions. Perhaps spec’d for a client with deep pockets 🙂

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