I am Back!

I am in such a cheerful mood today.

Why, you ask?

Because my test is done!


If I could do a cart-wheel, I would be in mid-air as I speak.  And by the way, my test experience was horrible! Picture a girl, pinkish in the cheeks, obviously flustered.  All I could hear was vellum crinkling against my feverishly moving hand, gripping an eraser.  The entire 9 hours flew by. The whole time, I was held captive, in suspense, trying to  finish my drawings. At the end of the exam, while the proctor retrieved our sheets, I glanced at my fellow testers.  We all shared a face of troubled expression.  I knew exactly what they felt.  Did I pass? Crap, I should have done that differently!  If only..  And now I am forced to just sit here and wait for two freaking months!


But what can you do except hope for the best.

Fingers crossed!

And wasn’t Richard great!? He really blew me away.

See you bright and early manana!


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