I’m a Giant: Here I Come!


So this may be old news to you by now, but while on hiatus, I caught wind of this challenge.  And let me tell you how much it made my day.  Oh my, how I love thee, dear Emily!  Basically summarized, my pretend BFF, Emily Henderson conjured up a miniature dollhouse-along competition.   As you know I have a dollhouse project but have been slacking for some time now.  Well, this is perfect opportunity for me to finish up this endeavor.  And thank goodness that I already have a shell in place. Otherwise, it would be an even bigger (tee-hee) race to the finish line.

So I feel a status report is in order.  Currently, La Petite Maison, is 60% finished.  How did I come up with that percentage, you ask?  Well I figure that the exterior was 50% and I have already started to finish out some of the interior.  But the interior partitions are non-existent.  To be honest, I haven’t decided if I want an open concept with columns or traditionally separated spaces with demising walls.  The stairs is another problem. The oddly-planned stairs went right into the living room, leaving little space for actual living.  And the banisters are ridiculously out of scale.  I simply could not install as-is.  I really was avoiding making a staircase from scratch but it seems inevitable.  Huge project, I know (lol).

To keep myself on schedule, I decided to create a timeline where the completion date is December 15.

Phase 1-Interior Buildout

*build interior partitions with selected finishes

*design stairs and build

*install millwork (kitchen)

*finish floors

Phase 2-Furnishings/Art/Accessories

*build furniture

*select furniture/refurbish

*make art


So there you go ladies and gents and if you want to see more on the process, click here.

Feel free to follow me along this miniature trip.




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