I’m a Giant progress…sort of

I expected to have a lot more done by this post, but a tragedy occurred.

Casualties of a five-year old, I suppose.

So I spent much of my dollhousing time fixing broken things.  But I did manage to order samples and put together a game plan.

First up…

I was able to find this geometric patterned upholstery fabric that I am going to use as wallcoverings-I think.  I am not exactly sure how I am going to mount it on the wall.  Any ideas??? If it doesn’t work out, I fully intend on making curtains.  I am in love with the tone-on-tone polka dot fabric.  It is to die for!


This one is going to be super pink! My little girl wants a hot pink room now that she is out of toddler years. So pink it is. I am planning to use lots of reflective finishes like brass, gold, and this awesome metallic floor that looks pixilated.


I wanted this tile flooring for my own real-size home. But it is pretty expensive folks. Basically you would have to promise your child to Rumpelstiltskin to be able to cover your floors in this product. They are amazing handmade tiles. But I plan on making my own, graphically that is, not handmade.

So there you have it. I am soo ready to begin and can’t wait to show you the tiled kitchen. Weekend warriors here I come!

If you want to se the whole progress, click here.


5 thoughts on “I’m a Giant progress…sort of

  1. I love your couch! Sorry to hear about the chair though…
    My cat gets around my dollhouse stuff and thinks she’s Godzilla. I run around frantically like the people in the streets, trying to figure out where she stashed whatever supplies she boosted. Not quite as treacherous as kids, but it flusters me all the same 🙂

  2. I really hope you can get the wallcovering up. I know when I had to do a presentation board with fabric I used spray glue, there are various strengths. It might be a bit more cumbersome in a small space. Perhaps spray the fabric and mount? Good luck, you are a very crafty lady!

  3. Hi Dulce, I’ve just put fabric on the walls of my dollshouse (see my post from October 9th). I always cut mount board the size of my walls (or just a tiny bit smaller to allow for the fabric etc.) and glue my fabric (or wallpaper) onto that. I have used spray mount in the past which works fine, but for my last room I have used Aleene’s OK To Wash-It which was a real pleasure to work with. I used a paint brush to make sure the surface was entirely covered with the glue, then put on the fabric. I glued the fabric around the sides of the mount board as well, so that the corners of the room look nice one you put in all the pieces of mount board.
    If your walls are easily accessible you could try to make a template first, cut the fabric to size using the template and then glue it directly onto the walls. I think it will be a lot more difficult though.
    Have fun! I look forward to seeing how you’ll do it.

    • Thanks Steph and Josje!

      i thought about using spray mount but wondered if the high humidity would make the fabric eventually fall off or bubble. I will try your suggestion the Aleene product.
      Thanks again!

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