Designer Spotlight: Richard Sanchez

Today, I post an overdue story about my guest blogger, Richard Sanchez.  He first impressed me when I walked into his former apartment.  Richard used a palette of vivid color with rich patterns that was unexpected.  Traditional persian rugs and an eclectic array of furnishings made the space moody and really interesting.

Richard was also one of the five designers selected to design a model unit for the Houston House apartments.  The challenge was to make the 610 sq. ft. unit the most it could be on a very tight, $1500 budget while respecting the architecture. Richard rose to the premise with a selection of appropriately scaled furniture that prove small spaces can be dynamic.  Strategic color blocking defined areas and visually light elements amplified space.  What I loved most is the way that he used iconic mid-century pieces and mixed in contemporary seamlessly.

Well done.

Houston House Photos by Jill Hunter

And thanks again Richard for taking over for me for 3 whole weeks!

See more on Richard Sanchez here.


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