I’m a Giant: The Scary Stairs

First, as promised, the reveal of the finished kitchen floor.


Sorry for the yellow picture. It is dark outside and could not wait to show.

You have to admit that the tile is awesome.  I made the graphic based of a real product.  These handpainted tiles are made in Marrakech. And they are drop-dead gorgeous! Don’t they look like a modern rug? They add instant drama and  I would highly recommend for a human scale reno.  Find these tiles here.

So the kitchen is bare.  But bare with damn good bones, if I do say so myself.  My plan is to purchase a appliances and make custom cabinetry with open shelving to keep things airy.

Now on to something that is more season appropriate.  I have been thinking about this thing since I first started the dollhouse.

Here is the sweet colonial Kit bought off eBay stock photo.

Does it remind you of anything? Anything scary, that is?

Now, does this look familiar?  If you are a horror movie freak like me, you got it. But if not, here’s another reminder.

If you watched Nightmare on Elm Street like a million times like I did as a teen, you know this song by heart:

one, two

Freddie’s coming for you 

three, four

better lock your door

five, six

grab a crucifix

seven, eight

better stay up late

nine, ten

never sleep again!

So, I always had in mind that if I was going to decorate a colonial house, I would somehow incorporate this little rhyme. Oddly enough while building the stairs, as I was humming, I noticed that there were just enough risers to spell out in a graphic way.

But it is not my style to not do pretty.

Enter toile, my new obsession.

I have posted a few posts on the traditional pattern.

I love how romantic it is and how it depicts parisian settings.

While I have a fondness for the old, I also believe in innovation.  Timorous Beasties produced a modern interpretation where the colors are richer, more saturated and the settings are no longer in paris, but rather the streets of New York.  I had to use it somewhere.  Can you blame me?  It’s modern toile and fuschia.


But enough explanation, I know you are dying to see. Here is the start of my scary stairs.  

Well not so scary, really. They are pretty, aren’t they? Or am I the only weirdo who thinks so?
Happy Halloween!


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