Confessions Thursday

Ironic that I would have Carrie Bradshaw running through my head, as my boss broke the news. When he spoke, I looked at his lips, pursing and opening, making sounds. The whole ordeal was a bit surreal.  And after a while, I realized that the company was letting me go. Twenty of us were laid off yesterday.

But I have a confession to make. I am not sad, but rather relieved. The threat of a lay-off had been looming over our heads for years. And to be quite honest, I wasn’t able to do what I love. And that can make a passionate person like me feel imprisoned.  What I learned about myself through my working experience is that I am an extremely creative and dedicated person.  I need to create and I am good at it.

So it seems that it’s time for the next thing. And as much as there is fear about the unpredictable, there is also excitement.  I have no idea where this new path will take me. But I have high hopes that it will lead me to where I am supposed to be.  And I imagine that it will be full of wonder…


Wish me luck on my new endeavors!




10 thoughts on “Confessions Thursday

  1. That was so well written. Best of luck to you Dulce. You have such a good heart and are a really great designer, I can’t wait to see what new things you’ll do.

  2. I felt a thrill of excitement for you as well. There is so much you want to do and so much you have learned about yourself that a fresh chapter will bring great things. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what is next!

  3. Dulce – as I wrote yesterday – I know this is the beginning of something great for you. You are so talented and I know your dreams will take off! Don’t stop dreaming!

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