I’m a Giant: Granny-Chic

Remember this little sample board?

Well, I finally found a perfect bed for this girly bedroom. What sold me was the granny-knitted bed spread.

Imagine how lovely it would be dyed a fuchsia pink. Yes ma’am! I call it granny-chic!

If you think about it, grannies are very cool. Our mothers generation wanted no part in crafting or diy’ing. But the grandmothers, they have so much in common with our generation. Just think about it. Women gathering, perhaps sipping on wine, gossiping and immersed in their craft. Sounds like fun and a whole lot like what my circle of girlfriends love doing.


Stay tuned because I can’t wait to show you!


2 thoughts on “I’m a Giant: Granny-Chic

  1. Crafting has definitely seen an uptick and I’m glad to have bonded with friends over fabric or yarn. I can’t wait to see the dyed results with that bold touch of fushia!

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