“OFF WITH HER HEAD!” the tiny queen said…

Last year, my little girl asked for an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. But my then, four-year olds birthday fell at the end of the year. And I could not throw the same Alice in Wonderland party that I had seen over and over on the blogosphere. Though I loved them all, I like to be original. So I decided it would be an Alice in wonderland party with a twist. An evil twist, that is. I kept picturing my sweet little one yelling, “Off with her Head!” And that is exactly what the invitations read.
We would throw a Queen of Hearts birthday party. One with painted white roses & red hearts,led by a tiny queen.

Here is the invitations designed by me. It was tiny and meant to look like a playing card. Included, in the envelope, was a magnifying glass for the teensy print.

I also made a little flip book a la Color Me Katie.

I made these hats using the original Adventures in Wonderland illustrations with some added diagonal stripes.

I designed the birthday banner in effort to take it easy. I was almost 7 months pregnant with my little boy. They ended up being so easy that my four-year old helped putting them together. I loved that I they could stand up on their own without needing to be hung up.  This was perfect for an outdoor setting.

I plan on making several variations of these. Custom orders welcome. I will have these in my shop very soon!

I made the kids’ party favor using tin baby food jars  filled with coco powder and custom labels that read Drink Me.

I almost made the pinata…almost.  Instead, I gave the my sketch to a pinata maker and she ended up doing an awesome job.

She kept saying, “Off with her head!” throughout the party, which was super cute.  Happy 5th birthday, my love!

Amazing photos by Erika

It is officially one month or so before my young daughter’s 6th birthday. This year she wants a unicorn party.  The fun begins all over again!


4 thoughts on ““OFF WITH HER HEAD!” the tiny queen said…

  1. Totally awesome and unique, as usual! I remember the invites and I would use them if I had a party. Let me know if you make a pinata….lol

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