Desperately Seeking Chairs

Happy Cyber-Monday!

Isn’t it crazy that we have about a month left of 2011!?

Yes, it’s nuts.  The year is almost done and I am still dwelling on chairs.

Do you remember my dilemma?  Well, I am still looking.


See, I have this thing with chairs.  This thing is an obsession and at times it consumes me.

As, I walk through the aisles, while antiquing, I ponder to myself,

“Is it you, lovely set?  Are we meant to be a pair set?  Can I live with you? Sit on you and share my favorite meals & conversations?”

I have yet to receive a response.

But, I am excited to tell you that I am considering a very interesting set of chairs.  Observe below.

I like that the back of these English-esque chairs remind me of  the Rorschach Test.  You know, it’s the  psychological exam with the inky-blotches where you tell the therapist what form you see.

In the case above, I see a gorilla with an elongated profile.  Or maybe it’s actually the hiney of a gorilla.  OR perhaps it’s the profile of two quarreling lovers facing away from each other.

Either way, I would love these formal chairs upholstered with an abstract pattern in a bright color.

The formality of the English chair and the playfulness of the watercolor-like pattern here, would be a delightful contradiction, don’t you agree?

And some pinkish geometric roman shades, in the fabric above, would be a perfect complement.

Or maybe this geometric-diamond pattern that has a handmade feel, will do. Is it not the most amazing textile!?  I just absolutely adore it!

{all fabrics via Lewis and Sheron}

Or maybe this modern floral will be love-ly!

Only time will tell, my dear(s) if we are meant to be…


I wonder what a therapist would think of my test results.

Do you think my vision of a gorilla and quarreling lovers reveal some deep seeded anger?!

Thoughts anyone?


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