I’m a Giant: Mini-Project

Buried deep in my closet, I have a secret of sorts that is overflowing.  It is a box that holds supple leathers, silky fabrics, and strips of bass wood.  These lovely materials peek out in a magnificent array of colors and textures. I have carefully gathered these treasures overtime. And at the risk of sounding like a hoarder, I admit that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to ‘save’ something in hopes of  repurposing.

Like this drainage mat below, for example, which a former co-worker of mine handed to me, while cleaning her desk.  I was going to put it up in the resource center’s miscellaneous box, but I somehow knew that I could make something with it for La Petite Maison.  I liked the sculptural form of the plastic.  And at first thought I was going to make mini-art with it.  But it was hard to manually cut.  So I held on to it for about a year.

Do you remember this project?  I had several of the tinyi-screws left over.  And somehow it came to me.  I would make a shower curtain that resembled this modern laser cut version.

I love the way that these translucent panels if laid-out  properly, could define a space.

I merged the screws and ‘panel.’ And voila!

This is definitely a more abstract version of the Tord Boontje panels.  But they look great in the space and are ever so lovely as a modern shower curtain.

Forgive me folks, but I am saving the big reveal for another two weeks.  So all you get for now is this mini-project peek.

I know, I am such a tease.


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