A Christmas Story

A few years ago, I made stockings for my little family. This one is mine.

It was made from my Betsey Johnson-circa 2000, graduation dress.

This cutesy one is my daughter’s. I tried to persuade her to choose a pattern that would be more complementary with Betsey but failed.

“I want sprinkles!” she sternly said with her little arms wrapped tightly around her chest.

Sprinkles it was.

This one is my husbands.

A Christmas Story, is and forever will be, my fave. My husband shares this sentiment, so naturally I made a sexy leg for him. I must say that I was a novice at sewing when I made the stockings. But I managed to make them sans pattern. Have I not told you that I love a challenge!? One thing though, don’t look at the insides.  It is not pretty.

And the big present that year was a real size leg lamp ,of course! I knew that we would all enjoy it year after year and it has become a very special tradition for us. My husband still says it is the best present that he has ever gotten.

And I just now realized that I have a little man who is in need of a stocking.  Eek!  I have to take the dust off my machine! The last time I used it was when I went into labor.


So how about you?  What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


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