Commitment Phobe, No more

I miss my chairs.  I do.  Perhaps it is because I was very emotionally tied to them.  Or perhaps, it’s purely physical. Simply because I love the curvature of the wood.  I mean just look at them. You can’t deny how seductive their lines are…

It is pointless to lament, I know this.

But I have been trying to move on.

I have debated.

And debated

Ok, so quite honestly I have obsessed.

But, I have great news!  I have decided to commit.  It’s a done deal actually.

Meet my current love:


Not Vera.  Behind her.

Yes! The winner is the Tolix Marais chairs!

But for the moment I don’t have Vera’s assets.  So I went with a knock-off.

Found here.

I wanted something french that would tie back to my living room.

And they will look lovely paired with my farmhouse table.

I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

I have officially moved on.


In other news, I am also officially on a crunch for La Petite Maison. For the next week expect a week of teasing.

Just snapshots, no verbage until the final reveal.

Cannot wait!

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