I’m a Giant: Technical Difficulties

It’s another picture-less post.  Can you believe that I lost my camera cord!?  Yup.  I planned on posting my progress since I did not fully finish building.  You see, I was expecting my electrical kit to come yesterday.  But today the seller informed me that he would be shipping on Saturday.  I had held off on putting up the walls because it seems that in a dollhouse you have to put th electricity behind the ‘sheetrock’ just like a real house.  There was no way that I would be completely finished by today.  But hooray for Emily’s news!    The deadline is extended to Feb.1st.  I love it and hate it when that happens.  On one hand you have more time.  But on the other…it could be over.

I did manage to get a lot done in the past few days.  The flooring is COMPLETELY installed and every room looks like a room.  I just need to finish putting in electrical, walls and stairs.  Oh and accessories.

Hopefully I will find my cord and post a few pictures tomorrow. But if not, have a lovely weekend! I know I will. My little girl turns 6! It’s amazing.


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