Soft Interiors: Lisa Martensen

While working on my dollhouse deadline, Ivy and Piper arrived in my inbox.  I confess that I did flip through the mag.  I couldn’t help it.  Interior design is my biggest vice.  Most times I lust after bold styled interiors.  And other times, perhaps in midst of a stress-provoking deadline, I yearn for a more subdued feel, where there is less stimulation and more relaxation.  Enter Lisa Martensen, a Dallas based designer.  For her home in Dallas she used a palette of creams, whites, sages, and natural materials creating soft interiors.

Lately, I have had such a thing for chinnoiserie.  So of course this soft sage-grey scene of pagodas and asian motifs spoke to me.  Here, it exudes such dreamy calming vibes.  Take out the stuffed animal,s and it could be a magical adult space.

This image shows a perfectly styled bookshelves using natural elements and earth tones.  Styling bookshelves is probably one of my favorite decorating activities.  It’s so much fun to ‘play’ with objects and create vignettes. And this shows that you don’t have to go bold all the time.

And of course I have to include a picture of the ultimate girly space-the vanity.  The light color surfaces and the use of mirrors, create such a soothing stress-free feel.
{all images via Ivy and Piper}

So what about you?  What mood are you in when it comes to interiors?


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