Lighting DIY

Do you think







I hope so, because sometime soon I am totally diy’ing.  A pair of gold hue mercury glass lamp pendants will be perfect over my dining table.

What about this iconic staple:


I have been collecting teapots, saucers, and teacups for a while.  My version will have a black shade with a clear cord, for my little girl’s room. Pretty timely tutorial found here.

And for my little boy’s room, I have this in mind:

I have a mid-century teak lamp base that I am dying to use. A rugged little man lamp, wood from head to toe, is what his room needs.  This tutorial  will definitely come in handy.

Just taking a mental break from La Petite Maison.  Do you realize I have been working on this project for over a year!?


Any projects you care to share that you are die-ing to finish?

 How do you get over the last hump?


One thought on “Lighting DIY

  1. im eager to see your little tea cup lamp.. Hec is saving up for two of the glass pendant lights for the dining room.. I think his taste is getting better 🙂

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