Good Times

Before my birthday weekend is just a fuzzy memory, I collected these images from Erika.  I tried, to the best of  my memory, piece them in chronological order.  It was an amazing weekend.  Who knew growing old could be so much fun!?

A few close friends and fam were noticeably missing, but they were there in spirit.  And for the ones who could make it, I cannot express how much I love you for making this weekend the best birthday weekend yet.

And now for the recap:

Yummy shots and home tour of a real Victorian-decorated true to the era of decadence.
The night on the porch. Serene and eerily quiet…and super froggy foggy.
Antiquing at a former whore house.  Yes-they had a license to prove.The Beach. I don’t care what formal thought is on Galveston. I love the murky beaches.  They feel like home.The husband cooking a delicious meal.  This time it was blackened-buttery fish, very appropriate for the coastal city of Galveston.
Pretty cupcakes delivered by my really thoughtful friend.  I don’t know how she remembered that I like fruit-filled pastries.

Any one up for a a mani-pedi!?
“Yes we’re cool and drunk.”Such a cute couple. I could just eat them up.

 And we drank. And drank.Oh snap!  Dear Johnny getting pranked by ol’ Sonny.LOVE.And we danced. And danced to wee hours.And I cannot believe that I am posting this pic.  They drug me out close to PJ’s. I love my PJ’s!

DRUNKEN ME + STRIPPER POLE = “YAH-HOO!”I heart these girls.Thank you again for welcoming me into my thirties proper, better than ever-I hope!

Happy Friday everyone!




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