I’m a Giant: Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Remember way back when I first posted my mini-mood board?  How do you think it translated to room?  I think I can def pat myself on the back.  I love how these colors and patterns work together.  The blue and hot pink combo with subtle pattern really sing to me.
In this sad picture with a broken Eames and clock, you can see how the grandfather clock was stained an ebony black.  And now it’s a grey-teal.  I like it so much more this way.  The gold tone pops off it.
This is the picture that made me covet that acrylic coffee table.{via Lonny}

My acrylic table only has two sides right now.  And mine holds pretty blankets instead of housing books.  I will finish it one day.

And the gold, art deco motif wallpaper behind the Victorian mantle is not glued yet.  I ran out of electrical tape that will hide behind it.  One day.
Remember the kitchen mood board.  One could say that a blue based color is really inappropriate for a place where you cook and eat.  But what if it helps to keep you skinny?  Morbid thought, I know.  But seriously, has anyone tested this thought?  Would love to know!

I plan on adding a persian rug in bright red tones and some warmer pops in the artwork over the breakfast area.  Lots of little details that I have yet to finish here.  I posted the formal dining area back in december.  I thought the table needed to be brighter less woodsy.I love the bright table juxtaposed with the fiberglass chairs.  All I need is a working light pendant,a brass bar cart, a tablescape and I will be done.I do love how it has progressed.This watercolor wallpaper was pinned via pinterest by Mrs. Henderson. Initially, I planned on making my own water-colored paper.  But instead I went for a pre-made marbled paper.  And I am delighted that I did.  The colors are amazing-bright cheerful pastels with swirls of gold.  It is divine.  I picked this up at my local art store,  bought for a mere 3 bucks!  I had plenty left over to frame in my real house (pics soon to come.)  I plan on adding wainscoting to the walls.  The panelling frames the wallpaper like the beautiful work of art that it is.

Some day.Oh and remember my scary stairs?  I didn’t finish them!  Argh!  It the last big thing on my to-do list.  But it’s one of the most important features of the house.  Because, what is a colonial without stairs? Needless to say, I will be ecstatic when the stairs are installed.

Here is Blythe taking a bath.  We have since lost her pretty pink pumps. I posted about this swirly motif wallpaper here.  I drew it illustrator and doesn’t it fit so well? Love it for sure.This bedroom scheme was requested by the little misses-a.k.a my 6 year-old.It’s still a bit sparse. That white wall is begging for some interest.  But all in all I am lovin’ the direction.The inside of the dresser’s shelves are lined with leopard print remnants from the other bedroom.  I did this as much as possible, taking bits of color and pattern from one room to another. It makes the whole house flow.This last space I am probably the most lagging space planning and selection of furnishings.  It will come together.

One day.

I have to say that this is the first project where I chose the color story throughout the entire house. And I am so happy about how many pieces are interchangeable and could be switched into other rooms. The house’s palette is cohesive. And it was so much fun.

But the best part is my daughter’s reaction. Coming home from school she said, “My dollhouse is prettier than I ever thought it could be.”
And that means so much coming from her. And I look forward to finishing the house together, at a more relaxed pace. Just buying pieces as they find us-maybe while strolling through a garage sale or at an antique store. It’s not over just yet.

And if you are here for the first time and would like to see the whole process, click here.


14 thoughts on “I’m a Giant: Blood, Sweat, & Tears

  1. LOVE the house! You have used wonderful colours and an unconventional approach. Great to have such a reaction from your daughter! Love the Chinoiserie wallpaper with the bright red chairs. I tried looking for Mrs. Henderson on Pinterest but can’t find the wallpaper (I am not too at home with Pinterest I must admit). Could you give me a link to the photo please?

    • Thanks Lydia! I love your bedroom too! I especially love the chinoiserie secretary and your ghost chairs. I tried commenting but blogger sometimes kicks me off..don’t know why. But thanks for stopping by!

  2. Congrats!! Great work. I love the bathroom. The wallpaper and flooring choices look great. I love your patterns. And the makeover on that bedroom dresser is totally glam!

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