The Fab 70’s

While thrifting, I sometimes stop by the magazine section.  I like to flip through the old design mags and look at the dated decor.  It’s funny to see how awful trends were, and equally interesting to see what has come full circle.

Take the flashy 70’s for example…

The quintessential harvest gold, avocado green, and orange of the 70’s.  Eek! Could you imagine cooking here? Talk about stimulating!

Color blocking at it’s finest.  A trend that carried on to the 80’s with much brighter neon colors.

I lurve that little wicker chair with the gold finish lamp. The vignette looks lovely with the relief cladded wall.

There goes the little wicker chairs again.  Is that astroturf, I spot there?

This looks like it could be today.  

All pics found here.

And my personal fave, Where the Wild Things Are!  The little boy eerily looks like Danny from The Shining.


See you next week!


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