Painter’s Remorse

Now that the color has dried on my walls and I have lived with it for a few days, I wonder.  Is it me?  Can I live with this bold, jewel tone hue?  Here, the similar green looks very beautiful.  The colors are so opulent and compliment with the white floors and ceiling flawlessly.  This makes me think to go through with my original plan.

{Ashley Stark via ElleDecor}

And then I ran into this eclectic and super colorful home that belongs to an artist.

Color overload!  While I love how artistic it is, the colors almost hurt my eyes.  I would love to stay for a night, though I don’t think I would love to live there. Truly original though.

So now back to my problem.

Not sure.

  Tr def have plans for a colorful re-do.  But at this point it may be pops of saturated color and not all over saturated color.

 I think.

For now at least.

Dang it.  I really wanted to be bold flamboyant.  But it’s difficult to change old ways.  Maybe I am too sophisticated.  Which as I type sounds a bit pretentious.  But nonetheless, more refined palettes suit me. (To my old Architecture professors:  You can rest assured that your words are fully engrained in me.)

How about you?   Have you had any recent color remorse?


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