You had me at Etagere

Is there such a thing as perfection?   Because to me, this comes quite close. First let me elaborate on that couch.  It looks strikingly similar to my Meyer Gunther Martini (which I have a strong feeling that this may be one as well,) it is a uniquely proportioned Chesterfield with cabriole style legs.  And did you notice those teensy arms?  Usually Chesterfields are very bulky and have a masculine appearance.  But this one is dainty, so it makes perfect sense that Mrs Emily chose pink for reuphopholstery.  She has such a fondness for asymmetrical compositions, even the coffee table is off-center.  I love it.  And I vow to stray away from symmetrical arrangement.  Symmetry is just so comforting which sometimes translates to boring.  Asymmetrical compositions, as Mrs. Henderson has proven, are much more dynamic.


I have been searching for a brass etagere like the one pictured for some time now.  On my birthday weekend, last month, I found a listing of this exact same style for $65.  But someone beat me to it since I had a weekend in Galveston.  I was planning on positioning it just like it is here, with my MGM in front, with styled shelves acting as visual interest.  I even had a small gold arc lamp in mind that would be placed where she has this lotus-shaped standing lamp, for reading.

Sigh.  This Craigslist loss will surely haunt me.

How about you?  Any Craigslist losses recently?


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