Oh my Chandie

I have been on the lookout for a faux bamboo, pagoda style chandelier for some time.  I have stalked Craigslist, eBay, and estate sales with no luck.  If you are not familiar with this style of light fixtures, here are some gorgeous examples:

{All chandies via}{via Lonny}
{via House Beautiful}{via House Beautiful}

These beauties go for 500+ dollars on eBay.  That is insane and totally out of my budget. This weekend, I hit the jackpot and here is my uber-lucky inexpensive find:

It is huge, measuring 31″ in diameter!  The man who sold it to me told me that it belonged to his late mother.  The great lady had a decorator pick it out for her house in the early 70’s.  She took it with her from house to house and loved it so.  How sweet to know that someone treasured it as much as I will.
But now, I have a new dilemma.  It s huge, as I stated before.
Should I:
a. Hoard it until I purchase a home with a larger dining space or…
b. Use it its large glory and break proportion/scale rules and use it in my small dining space?  Rules are made to be broken, right!?
Decisions, decisions….
I will keep you posted.
So what do you think?  A or B?  What would you do?

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