A Recap with a Small Rant

First, a bit of a recap on yesterday’s lecture…

Mr. Bullard was great.  He was charismatic and gave a speech that was full of wit.  He presented projects of his most famous clients such as Cher, Cheryl Tiggs, Ellen Pompeo, Kid Rock, Cristina Aguilera, Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, & most recently Sir Elton John.  It was interesting to hear tidbits about these celebrities and their design decisions.  Like this picture below:

Can you believe that this is where Ozzy Osborne, the prince of Darkness, sleeps!?  So girly and lavender. Obviously, Sharon O. wears the decorating pants in that family.

And then he went on to talk about Cher’s most recent house. She was coming out of her ‘gothic’ stage and was in a Buddhist stage.  Here is her very ‘Buddhist’ bedroom, living room:

{images via Lawrence Martin Bullard}

In retrospect, what I saw as a common thread through his designs, is a worldly aesthetic.  He is a well traveled man-much like his clients, and his work reflects this.  Martin’s designs are very much, Architectural Digest material, removed from common folk, strictly for the elite.

And now a bit of a personal rant regarding my feelings on this…  I generally do not like faux-tuscan, mocktorian, or anything stylistically/period faux.  In the richest part of my city there are many McMansions that are built to look like French Chateaus, English Castles, Spanish Villas, etc. and I detest these.  I would love a Tuscan home in Tuscany but it just seems wrong here.  It is not the size or grandeur that I am opposed to, but rather the fact that it is not original. Sure, they are beautiful, but what it boils down to is that I am a purist. I much prefer all the renovated 30’s colonial homes that are truly regional.  Probably because this part of the world is the land of developers where historical buildings are torn down and replaced with something fake.  It is so sad that historical value is not appreciated here. So my feelings on this subject are quite strong.

But I digress.

Back to the lecture, Mr. Martyn also shared his ‘rags to riches’ story which I so enjoyed.  He started as an actor and won a small part where he befriended a producer and his wife.  The group all ended up  at Bullard’s place.  The producer and wife were impressed with Martin’s humble flea-market decorated home and offered the actor his fist decorating gig.  Immediately after that small job, he landed another decorating job where he was called to be an emergency wedding decorator after the original wedding planner had a sudden death.  He was given a gratitude invite to this wedding where he sat next to Cheryl Tiggs.  She would be his big break.  A rookie, never formally trained decorator, would land 6 magazine covers and named designer to watch due to that first celebrity project.

Amazing story.  I have to admit that I sat there thinking of my own career wondering when that ‘break’ will come.  In due time, I suppose, I just have to keep on truckin.’  I do not aspire to be a celebrity designer or to design exclusively for the uber-wealthy.  I love the idea that design can be attained by anyone, no matter what their class status. Modest budgets require more creativity and that is so me.

So I will continue to enjoy Mr. Bullard on season 2 of Million Dollar Decorators, and wonder, how the hec can a doorknob cost 30G’s!?  He is a riot.

On a silly note, I almost bought his book.  Almost. But decided to pick up a cheaper copy on eBay.  I would have loved to have posted a personal pic of the two of us and have him sign the book “To Daawlin…”


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