NOLA Recap

Jeez, where did the week go?  I intended to post this last week but. Life. Kids. Busy. You know.

So first thing we did when we got into town was go to the French Quarter.  After eating some smoked duck quesadillas (which were delicious,) we ended up on infamous Bourbon St.  We happened to be there the same week as Final Four.  Oops.  The streets were littered with college kids and everywhere we went, there was a  line.  Kind of a bummer, but we made the best of it. We didn’t make Cafe du Monde.  We tried but the line was 75 people deep.  How good can the beignets be?  Don’t answer that.

Back on Bourbon Street, we walked through mass of debauchery.  It totally is.  Performing street kids and strippers served as our entertainment.  We stopped at the classiest looking joint on the whole strip, the Old Absinthe House.  The bar was dim-lit with art-deco crystal chandeliers that gave a warm glow to the exposed shiplap walls.  These old walls were covered with visitors business cards, there were 1000’s of them.  It was charming.

It was also romantic.

The following afternoon, we  took a detour from Magazine Street and ended up at a cemetery where Benjamin Button was filmed.  There is a long stretch of a concrete barrier, marking the  perimeter.  We didn’t know that it contained bodies until we crossed the threshold and looked back.  Kinda creepy. The cemetery was beautiful, full of monolithic , above-ground tombs with oaks lining the pathways.

After the cemetary, we went back on Magazine Street and I fell in love with this ‘painting.’  When I took this picture, Kid Rock was standing a few feet away from me-btw.  The owner of the shop told me that it was a 1940’s fabric called Chintz that stretched on a frame.  It surprised me.  The flowers looked like a painting, in person.  It really had a trompe l’oeil effect.  I am totally on the lookout for some vintage fabric like this.  It looks like an english tea-cup.  Love.Oh and this Anthropologie store display was freaking amazing.  It was made of bent wire that formed tetrahedrons, silk flowers cascaded down.  it was  so pretty and made me want to make it.The next night we skipped Bourbon St.  and headed to Frenchman St, where the locals go.  First we went to a jazz bar where we found people swing dancing.  So darling.  I have to pick up swing, it is now on my bucket list.

By 3am, we ended up at a party that was held in a vacant lot beteween two historic buildings where this image was projected.  There was a mass of people dancing  with headphones on, dancing to mystery music.   So naturally we had to go in, right?  When we received our headphones, we discovered that there were two channels, one playing high speed music, the other playing down tempo.  It was pretty silly and so much fun.  

 Good times.

To the Big Easy

The hubby and I turn 3 today!  Yay! And we’re headed off to the Big Easy.
Staying here{historical mansion+decorated=love}:

Hoping to have one of these moments:

Happy Anni to us!

If I were an Outfit

I would be this:


I rarely talk about fashion.  Since having kids, I have stopped caring so much.  But I am trying to get back to my former self.

This palette screams me-neutral nude tones along side a subtle leopard print with touches of blush and accented by gold stripes.


My bedroom has this same subtle romance thing going on and I love how understated it feels.


More light posting for this week. I am crafting up a storm getting ready for my baby’s party.  Hope to share some pictures next week.



Little Man Birthday

I planned on sharing some little man birthday pictures early in the week, but time escaped me.

He’s ONE!  And in other big news, we have a walker!  Yay!

My little man is growing up.  Such a bittersweet feeling.


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear….

Good Times

Before my birthday weekend is just a fuzzy memory, I collected these images from Erika.  I tried, to the best of  my memory, piece them in chronological order.  It was an amazing weekend.  Who knew growing old could be so much fun!?

A few close friends and fam were noticeably missing, but they were there in spirit.  And for the ones who could make it, I cannot express how much I love you for making this weekend the best birthday weekend yet.

And now for the recap:

Yummy shots and home tour of a real Victorian-decorated true to the era of decadence.
The night on the porch. Serene and eerily quiet…and super froggy foggy.
Antiquing at a former whore house.  Yes-they had a license to prove.The Beach. I don’t care what formal thought is on Galveston. I love the murky beaches.  They feel like home.The husband cooking a delicious meal.  This time it was blackened-buttery fish, very appropriate for the coastal city of Galveston.
Pretty cupcakes delivered by my really thoughtful friend.  I don’t know how she remembered that I like fruit-filled pastries.

Any one up for a a mani-pedi!?
“Yes we’re cool and drunk.”Such a cute couple. I could just eat them up.

 And we drank. And drank.Oh snap!  Dear Johnny getting pranked by ol’ Sonny.LOVE.And we danced. And danced to wee hours.And I cannot believe that I am posting this pic.  They drug me out close to PJ’s. I love my PJ’s!

DRUNKEN ME + STRIPPER POLE = “YAH-HOO!”I heart these girls.Thank you again for welcoming me into my thirties proper, better than ever-I hope!

Happy Friday everyone!



30th Birthday

I celebrated my 30th birthday this past weekend with a small group of close friends.  We stayed in a house built in 1886, a real Victorian beauty.   I can honestly say that it was the best time that I have had in years.  We went antiquing, saw beautiful architecture, walked on the beach, and laughed-pretty much the whole time.  And as I type I still have a lingering fuzzy feeling.  You know, the kind that you get when you realize how lucky you really are to have great people by you side.

Good times.

I am exhausted now.  So I will leave you with a few captured moments that will forever be in my heart.




My little girl turns six today.  Goodness, she is growing up.  I wish I could stop time to

hold  –  her  –  tight  –  just  –  a  –  t  –  a  –  d  –  lon  –  ger.

“Slow down! Too fast!” my heart cries.  But time still passes conspicuously.

This day is completely dedicated to the little miss.’

Off I go to comply to her wishes.


Happy birthday my love!



I went on MySpace recently and immediately laughed at myself. If you haven’t deleted your account, I urge you to go back and look.  I am sure that you will find it comical. How funny it is to think about how much has happened and how much has changed since college. I have grown in leaps. One thing remains consistent. In my ‘who I’d like to meet’ column, I wrote: “I’d love to meet people like me, who still dream.”

It’s nice to know that life hasn’t completely changed me.

Have a lovely weekend!

I am Back!

I am in such a cheerful mood today.

Why, you ask?

Because my test is done!


If I could do a cart-wheel, I would be in mid-air as I speak.  And by the way, my test experience was horrible! Picture a girl, pinkish in the cheeks, obviously flustered.  All I could hear was vellum crinkling against my feverishly moving hand, gripping an eraser.  The entire 9 hours flew by. The whole time, I was held captive, in suspense, trying to  finish my drawings. At the end of the exam, while the proctor retrieved our sheets, I glanced at my fellow testers.  We all shared a face of troubled expression.  I knew exactly what they felt.  Did I pass? Crap, I should have done that differently!  If only..  And now I am forced to just sit here and wait for two freaking months!


But what can you do except hope for the best.

Fingers crossed!

And wasn’t Richard great!? He really blew me away.

See you bright and early manana!